My name is Erika Knox and I am a wife, mother, friend, photographer, fitness enthusiast, book nerd, and outdoor adventure seeker. Mostly in that order.


You know that saying that is on everyone's lips... "it goes so fast!" It does, right? Those children in my picture to the right? I *just* had them. And yet, they've grown. That is what drives my passion for photography, the precious and quick passage of time. That birth experience happens once. That newborn is newborn for approximately 5 minutes and then they're toddling around. Those chubby cheeks and dimpled hands last for a moment. That gap toothed grin soon fills in. You get the point, it goes too fast! It's my pleasure to capture the big picture and the little details from those seasons of life.


It's a gift getting to do this job well, and I love getting to know families and help tell their stories as the years go by.

My Favorite Places


new orleans


Big Sur


Glad you're here

Dripping Springs + Austin + Fort Worth

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