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Easy E {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Ezra Scott might have given his parents the impression that he wouldn’t be so easy.  He was flipped in the womb and refused to go head down.  Ezra’s mama was a good sport and went ahead and planned a c-section… but then Ezra decided to mix it up again and come 2 weeks early.  But this little man wasn’t done!  His lungs were in want of some squeegee action he didn’t get in his c-section birth, so E went to the NICU for 5 days while his breathing chilled out.  A baby in the NICU is some stressful business, whether it’s your 1st child or 5th… throw in some post-birth hormones and an energetic toddler at home, and you’ve got yourself some rocky days.

He might have just been too excited to meet his family, because they are pretty great.  Or maybe he needed to come out to get acquainted with his super-cute, firecracker of a sister, Violet.  Whatever his reasons, Ezra wanted his birthday in August and not September, and so I found myself having the honor and pleasure of doing his newborn photographs 2 weeks after his birthday.  Things at the Hekman house have settled (what is “settled” with a newborn and a toddler?!) and Ezra can safely be called Easy E.

This little guy was just precious.  He pretty much stayed awake the entire session but was completely relaxed and content.  If he started to fuss, a few seconds with the paci brought him right back to happy.  He was happy in his mom’s arms, his dad’s, his sister’s, his Gigi’s, alone on a chair or up on a windowsill, inside the house or outside in the backyard.

Thank you, thank you, Hekmans… what a special thing it is to me to get to do your beautiful daughter’s newborn pictures, and now your son’s.

090114_4072 090114_4081 090114_4098 090114_4119 090114_4126 090114_4145 Hekman Babies

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