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When you live on the most magical land… {Dripping Springs Photographer

I have a Dripping Springs family that wanted to shoot on their new land before they started building. As we drove to their land, we passed over a bridge into this little meadow area and my client said, “I think this is the most beautiful land in Dripping. I wish we knew who owned it so we could do some pictures on it!”

Fast forward one month, and I had a new client reach out to me about shooting on their family land, right here in Dripping. I asked for directions, and when she described it, I thought, “wow that sounds really close to the Howell’s land…” Then she described it further and I thought, “No. Way. Is it that land…”

It was. It was that meadow by the creek that my client had described as the most beautiful in Dripping.

This session was a dream. Their little boy is a DOLL. Full of spunk and energy and cuteness, and also happy to have his picture taken. Mom and Dad were gorgeous, and grandparents + uncle we the happiest addition. Oh, and the LAND AND THE LIGHTING just stick a fork in me.

I could have shot this session over and over it was so lovely.

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