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Z Family {Austin Family Photographer}

First thing you should know about this family is they’re friends, so keep that in mind as you read on….

  1. I just want y’all to know Amber Rose is a loyal and kind friend and client.  But she doesn’t like paying for photography.  I say that to let you know, you’re not alone.  She values it but doesn’t like to allocate money for it.  She also one time made a comment about tipping people you hire, at which point I told her she had never tipped me (tipping IS NOT a thing in photography, by the way).  Now we have a running joke that she owes me hundreds in back tips.
  2. This was also their oldest son’s senior picture session.  We met this family when he was 7.  Younger than my oldest son now.  I can’t even handle that Samuel graduates this year.  My mind can’t comprehend how fast that went for them, and what that means for ME.  It’s mostly about me.  How fast this whole thing is about to go for my own children.  It’s terrible.
  3. Families like this, that are large and full of personality, can be challenging but also produce great images.  Challenging because someone is always looking away or looking grumpy or teasing a sibling or over it.  But worth it because when the timing is just right, all that personality shines through and it’s a great shot of their family being themselves.
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